Thursday Morning Thoughts Week Two: Keep Calm

We have all seen them—“Keep Calm” posters.  They are everywhere and come with all types of creative and fun endings:

Keep calm eat a cooking

But I bet you did not know that the original poster (see below)…

Keep calm carry on

…was produced in 1939 by the British government to raise the morale of the public who were under the threat air strikes.  The air strikes eventually came yet the poster was rarely ever displayed and was rediscovered in the year 2000.  Had it been displayed would it have worked?  How do you stay calm when under attack?  How do you stay calm when life goes sideways?  That is what we were talking about last night at the Bible study at The Wednesday Experience at Faith.  As a quick recap from Daniel 2, Daniel and his buddies found themselves in a completely unfair situation with the king of Babylon making unrealistic demands of them.  The king had had a dream which had terrified him.  He wanted to know the meaning of the dream but was unwilling to tell anyone what the dream was.  He demanded that his wise men tell him what he had dreamed and then interpret it—a seemingly impossible situation.  If they could not produce what he wanted the king had promised to tear them apart limb by limb—a promise he was more than capable of making good on.  The temptation to panic and lose their minds to fear would have been real.  The young men would have been tempted to get defensive, combative and rebellious.  But Daniel responded differently than would have been predicted.  He stayed calm, got the details and gathered his friends to pray.  One of the main points from last night was that prayer should not be our last resort but rather our first response.  The young men trusted God’s goodness and power and did not rely on their own wits to save them.  And God came through for them telling Daniel what the king had dreamed and what the dream meant.  The king was so impressed that he rewarded Daniel and his friends with high positions in his kingdom.  What could have easily been seen as a hopeless situation became a launching pad for a significant promotion.

So how about us?  When we face crazy, unrealistic situations at work or in our families or wherever, will we lose our minds to fear and panic?  Will we become defensive and combative?  Will be give up with discouragement or try to solve it with our own wits?  Or will we choose to stay calm in the midst of the situation, making our first response prayer based on our trust in God’s goodness and power?  Will we dare to hope that this situation might actually be a launching pad to something greater?  God is good!  We can trust Him!  Here is the verse to consider memorizing for this week:

Philippians 4 67

See you next Wednesday night!

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  1. I glad I saw Facebook today I need to be calm and pray and trust in the Father
    Thanks Pastor Dawn.
    May our Lord Bless you.

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