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My name is Dawn and I am loving this season of my life!  I am one of the pastors at Faith Community Church in West Covina, California where I have been on staff for over 25 years.  I tell people I was 12 when they hired me because I couldn’t possibly be as old as working 25 years in one place makes me!  I love my job, work with the most incredible people and feel extremely blessed with the opportunities God has placed in my hand.

In 2006 twelve of my friends and I decided to go after one of our bucket list items.  We decided to run (or should I say complete) a marathon.  The crazy thing was they all looked to me to put a training plan together to get us to the finish line.  I didn’t know a thing about long distance running!  My solution?  I bought Marathon, You Can Do It by Jeff Galloway and stayed a chapter ahead of them at all times.  Somehow we all finished.  Along the way we learned a lot about ourselves, discovered a strong correlation between training and our spiritual lives and fell in love with endurance running.  The next year I invited everyone in my church who wanted to do a marathon to join us, but I added one more thing.  We would do this marathon on behalf of a cause that was very close to the heart of my church–raising awareness and funding to combat human trafficking.  One year of church marathon teams turned into three years and over the course of time we trained around 300 people to complete a full or half marathon while raising over $110,000 for A21, the organization we support in their fight against human trafficking.

During those years of organizing our church team I discovered that I really loved trailrunning and that right outside my door were amazing places to run in the San Gabriel Mountains.  So now at heart, I am a trailrunner and will avoid asphalt any chance I get.  In 2011 I decided to run my first ultra marathon, Shadow of the Giants, and jumped into the world of triathlons, completing a Bonelli sprint distance and an all women’s half ironman called Barbs Race.  I am not fast and I am not an expert, but I am having a lot of fun.

One last thing.  Besides training with friends, I can often be found running with my four legged training partner, Jake.  I am sure he will show up in quite a few of my posts and pics.

My Trail Dog, Jake



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  1. you made me want to go put my running shoes on:)
    i hope to get strong enough to help in runnng for ur cause

  2. Dawn I must add a note to this beautiful web site! You have accomplished more in the last 20 years than most would ever imagine in a lifetime. You are a true servant with so much energy and spirit. I pray you have abundant good health and continue to preach the Gospel . I know Pastor Jim and Marguerite are proud of you!!! We love you and Jake!

  3. Dawn, thank you for this fantstic write-up and pictures of your r2r2r! I am planning a trip w friends for Oct 2012. After reading your blog, I am just wildly excited! No, procrastinator that I am, I am starting to do my homework on travel. I didn’t realize there was a hotel so close the the south rim trail heads. Could you please provide me w some contact info. I would really appreciate it.

    • Laurie, how fun that you are heading to the GC in Oct. It should be beautiful that time of year. We stayed at Maswik Lodge which is located about 1/4 mile from the Bright Angel Trailhead. There is also Bright Angel Lodge and El Tovar. If you google Grand Canyon South Rim lodging you will be able to access all of these locations. I would book your room right away as it does fill up. Have fun!

  4. Love your review of the rim to rim to rim adventure! I’m planning mine this May and find your comments very helpful. At the end of Part 4 you mentioned that you were going to review what you had packed for the day – is that up? If so, can’t seem to find it.


    (Jake looks like a great running partner!)

    • David…cool to hear you are doing R2R2R this May! I never went back and posted what we ate. I may have taken a pic of it that I could post. I wrote myself a note to look for it. From what I remember I did not consume near enough calories. I think I had the easiest time getting gels down and ate half a PB&J, trail mix and lots of peanut butter pretzels. I am a big fan of Hammer products so I think I had either Heed or Perpetuem on me. I will respond back again if I find the pic. I am not sure if I posted this in my blog but I do not recommend drinking the lemonade at Phantom Ranch on the way back. It tasted great at the moment but I felt sick for the next hour as I climbed up Bright Angel.

      • David…the pic I took of the food does not accurately reflect what I ate so I did not post it. If I were going to do r2r2r again (which I might do) I would rely more on bringing powders to mix into my bottle. Liquid calories were far easier to consume. Kind bars worked for me but other bars high in protein did not. Good luck on your trip!

  5. Thanks for sharing your blog with us this morning.. usually, i just follow you on facebook or instagram. We are so blessed to be a part of Faith family and having you as one of our dear Pastors. Feel excited to start the Daniel fast together with the congregation 🙂

  6. Just listened to your recent podcast with Christine Caine. Funny the race you’ll be running is starting in our town, Buena Vista. My husband is a pastor in town. Thank you for a reminder of rest, where the line is and how to rebuild well by observing rest in our lives. Enjoy your visit!
    Diana Piefer

    • Diana,
      You are the second person from that area of Colorado who has contacted me after hearing the podcast…very fun! I am very excited for the opportunity to run (walk, crawl, cry) Trans-Rockies! What church are you with? Also, since you contacted me and are from Buena Vista I have a quick question. It looks like the Arkansas River goes right by our hotel. Do they allow swimming in the river? I’m sure the water is pretty cold but my friend and I were hoping to get a swim in on Monday before the race.

  7. hey Dawn my name is Solomon, Joann and I used to sit outside the steps of FCC back in the late 90’s,
    I remember you. any how I just wanted to thank you for always reaching out for us. We both fear GOD now. Love you.

    • Solomon…I remember you and Joann and am so glad you contacted me! It is great to hear you both are following the Lord. Thanks again for the comment…it made my day to hear from someone from the past! Take care and God bless. 🙂

  8. My name is Jeffrey Chow. I have visited Faith Community in the past, including this past Sunday. I enjoyed your message. In closing you mentioned a book on prayer and fasting, that would be available this coming Sunday. I will not be able to attend. I worship and serve in Northern California. Would you please send me several copies of that book, one for me and one for my wife. Please let me know.

    Blessings on you.

    In His Love and Service,

    • I’m sorry, Jeff! I have not been keeping up on blog comments. I am not sure if we have any of the booklets left but if you call the office at 626) 858-8400 and speak with the receptionist she may be able to locate some and send them your way.

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